Thursday, September 17, 2015

Makeover : Dresser to Changing Table

We don't have a ton of space in the nursery so decided to double the changing table with a dresser. 

One of our aunt & uncles on Kelly's side gave us this dresser that had been passed down from their aunt and uncle for their child. Also, it was built in the town where we grew up and still live today. And it was the perfect size. Pretty wicked awesome, huh?

With all of it's lovely, sweet history, this little guy still needed a makeover.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Stab at Home Made Pickles

As some of you know, we tilled up a nice sized area this spring at the back of our property for a garden. We filled it with zucchini, carrots, cabbage, purple beans, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe and a ton of pumpkins. I've been neglecting my duties as weed-picker as of late and the garden is looking a little forlorn, but we still have lots of yummy veggies coming out.

Anywhoo, we love pickles! Who doesn't? (If you're saying 'me!', I'm thinking you got dropped on your head as a child).

This spring, I pictured harvesting a bushel of cucumbers every week and making cans upon cans of pickles. Sadly, some of our plants got a disease called downy mildew and didn't produce as nicely as expected.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nursery Makeover

Hello Lovelies :) 

We finally started our nursery last month! 

Firstly, I'll give you our house layout. We live in a two-story old farmhouse with the kitchen, dining room, family room, laundry, master bedroom and bathroom downstairs. Upstairs are three small bedrooms and a walk-through room at the top of the stairs that we use as an office. 

We've been slowly working to condense our messes into organized totes to store in our basement (did I mention that we've been doing this slowly? Sloowwwwlyyyyy.) But two of the rooms upstairs are completely chuck full of stuff. 

So, what room did we pick for the nursery you ask? The messiest, of course! Check it...

Our grandmothers jaws are probably hitting the floor right now, appalled. Sorry! This room holds all of Kelly's hunting gear. It also holds all of his childhood memories - scrapbooks, baby books, clothes, games, beanie babies, school work...just about anything you can imagine. It stores our winter clothes, suitcases, old bed sets, games and some random holiday things. It is just a catch-all really. 

Here's another angle, just to get the full effect...

See our little carpet walking path there? 

So it was some major work and to spare you all of the gory details, I'll just say that between recycle, garbage and goodwill, we were able to condense this mess into 5 totes. FIVE. Yes, we deserve a pat on the back. And cookies. 

So after the cleaning came a little wall-patching and, voila!

What is super awesome (yes, 'super awesome' is in my vocabulary) is that the carpet in this room was brand new when Kelly bought the house about five years ago and since this room has only been used for storage, it's in great condition. 

Great carpet, check. Great paint color, not so check. 

I have what has become a bad habit of painting everything white. Kelly really wanted me to do an actual color for this room, but I convinced him that since we had leftover white paint from the kitchen that we should use it. 

Crue just making himself comfortable on the clean, plush carpet. 

And because there's not a whole lot that I love more than a good before and after side-by-side...

Fresh and clean! We've since put the crib together and have done a dresser makeover for a changing table. I'll be posting with more updates soon :) 
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