Monday, June 29, 2015


We have had a crazy unnatural amount of rain this spring. It could always be worse, so I'm not complaining, but you could have white water rafted across our driveway and into the ditch last weekend. 

Sorry that these aren't the best picture quality- iPhones were used.

This is our driveway- completely covered in several inches of water.

This ditch never has more than a trickle during rainstorms. A bunch of the millings from our poor driveway washed wayyyy down the ditch, as did most of the big rocks on the right side of the drain.

Don't be confused by this picture, it's not normally a lake. This is the bean field across from the farm. Massive amounts of water killing the poor little beans. This photo really made me realize how much farmers gamble for a living. Kelly can work his butt off doing what's best for the crops, but good mother nature will do what she will.

Above is my stepdad the skipper on his neighbor's dock last weekend, which is usually a whole foot above the sea level. We had a couple more downpours on Monday through Tuesday morning, which resulted in one of their building's basements downtown flooding as well as their home basement flooding. Not fun.

And guess what's in the forecast for tomorrow? Yep! More rain.


  1. Wow, That's a lot of rain lol. That pic of ted at the lake is pretty cool


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