Wednesday, July 22, 2015

4th of July Weekend at Silver Lake

As promised, some photos from our Holiday weekend at Silver Lake.

I would really like to go in one of these trucks at least once, it has to be so fun to just fly up and over those hills!

And this poor guy royally screwed up his back end when he landed. The amount of money that goes into a lot of these vehicles is just crazy, then to think they probably break 90% of the time you're doing these crazy things.

A sticker on the back of one of the vehicles read 'Wasted Wages' - Probably appropriate. :)

This was the view from our perch. We set up on top of a hill so we had a good view of everything going on in the dunes. Above is the drag strip- that grey truck was pretty fast. There were all sorts of vehicles racing, even snowmobiles. 

That's our tent up on top of the hill. We had it going on this year - a tent, chairs, and a grill full of lunch/dinner stuff.  

Above is a sandrail that caught on fire. Luckily, all four people were able to escape quickly before it was completely engulfed in flames. There aren't any fire trucks out here, although one did show up after about 20 minutes which, by that time, nothing was left but the charred carcass of the vehicle.

I forgot to take any pictures of our campsite this year, but our friends have a giant tent that we shared. We cooked meals on the grill and s'mores on the fire. We slept on the air mattress at night and it was nice and cold so we got to snuggle close :) 

Saturday night we went to Craig's Cruisers to ride the go-karts (I just watched) then had ice cream before watching the fireworks on the beach.

It was a pretty perfect weekend. Makes me wonder about next year, when our little one is 8 months old (crazy!). 

Until next time :) 


  1. Aunt Jen Jen can watch the little one :)

    1. Haha, yes! IF Aunt Jen Jen is not up north playing with us :)


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