Sunday, August 23, 2015

Zoo Time

Last week, my mother in law took some vacation time and was planning a zoo day with the girls. She invited Kelly and I to come along and, since I was helping at pony camp all week in addition to the weather calling for rain almost every day, we decided the end of the week would be the best.  

We got up bright and early and all headed to Binder Park Zoo.

If you'd like to 'awwwww!' over some animals, here are a few pictures...

Just a tip when planning a zoo trip (yep, call me dr. seuss)- go on a weekday and wake up and go early. I'm talking as early as they open. There was pretty much no one there for the first hour and a half we were walking around. Plus, all the animals are just waking up and have just been fed their breakfast.

No, we did not go via this itty-bitty trolly train, it would've taken us approximately 13 hours to get there. Kelly's mom wants one of these trains so badly to go around her property, we were laughing and laughing picturing her driving the train with all of her goats on board. And poor Scott, I don't know how he even tucked his long legs into the tiny seats!

This big guy was 75 years old. He was huge. I'm pretty sure I could've balled up and slept in his shell.

Isn't this a nice picture? I couldn't get my camera to focus on the owls, instead of the fence. I'll have to figure that out sometime. 

Wouldn't you think this guy's chubby butt would fall off of that little branch? 

We were a little bummed that they were doing some work on the Africa exhibit. We were looking forward to feeding the giraffes and seeing the zebras, gazelle, waterbucks and whatever else they have on the plains, but they weren't to be found.  

It was pretty neat to go into the petting zoo part of it. There were a bunch of kids running around with their parents and it was fun to think of taking our daughter there in the future. 

I'm just so excited to be able to do fun kid things in the future and have an actual excuse to do them without looking like a coo coo! Petting zoos, Disney World, pixar movies, stuffed animals, tree forts! Man. Good times to come. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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