Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Silver Lake

Over the July 4th holiday weekend, I took my first trip to Silver Lake State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Driving in northern Michigan is beautiful, but when the trees cleared and I was left looking out over Silver Lake to these mountainous golden sand dunes topped with a setting sun, my jaw dropped.   

Beautiful, no?

We stayed in a tent at a quiet little campground called Silver Hills.

(Photo Credit: Silver Hills)

We had bonfires at night and woke up in the wee hours to beat the breakfast rush at a yummy diner in town.

From there we would head into the dunes, which was a complete experience in itself!


(not our vehicle)

On the lakeshore the speed limit is 25, so it’s safe to park and walk along the beach.

A John Deere tractor missing its little person


On the day of the 4th, we left the dunes early and drove back to the campground where we cooked our dinner over the fire. After a couple games of bean bags, we headed to town for some shopping, go-carts and zip lining. We walked to the ice cream shop before claiming a spot on the beach with a blanket for the fireworks show.

It’s a beautiful place and I can’t wait for next year.

Have you ever been?




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