Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kitchen Project {Part One}

Our kitchen project has been in the works for, oh, let’s just say quite some time now. No complaints, I don’t mind living in a ‘house in progress’. They all are anyways, right? Houses in progress?

What you can’t see behind that looming dark wall is a room full of big, bright windows. How nice would the kitchen be if we could knock out the top half and let in some light?

The plan was to remove the upper wall and cabinets, then top the counter with an elevated bar. We first carefully removed the cabinets and stashed them upstairs for later use. Then came the fun part. Honey was very hesitant to give me the hammer, but after I took a couple quick swings there was no turning back.


The two outlets had to be moved to make the bar the correct height. One went to the far right, just above the countertop on the kitchen wall. The second moved lower and to the opposite side of the wall on the back side of the cabinets.

After a bit of finesse with a jigsaw, we were left with this!  


Look at all of that beautiful, bright, natural light! A fresh coat of paint never hurt either. The end goal is to frame in all of the open beams to get the effect of a chunky, naked barn beam. It will form a ‘T’ to the ground, with an elevated bar top above the counter.  

Are there any projects going on in your neck of the woods?
*Progress Update - Part Two, Part Three 

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