Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kitchen Project {Part Three}

It's been a long time coming, but I finally have some new photos! Here are some links if you missed phase one or phase two.


We first framed in the top beam, then installed the bar top with wood glue and finishing nails.  The two sides were completed last so that the bar top is sandwiched between the side beams and the counter tops, adding to stabilization. The whole project was stained, but we put a coat of polyurethane on the bar top to protect from wear and tear of everyday use.

We did make a little mistake with the first varnish we used on the bar top. For our first try, we used boiled linseed oil, which was recommended online and from the local hardware store. We applied the varnish correctly, but it ended up bringing out all of the little imperfections underneath the stain. It's a beautiful varnish, but maybe for something that hasn't been stained. Or maybe we only thought we applied it correctly. Who knows. Anywhoo, we had to completely re-sand and re-stain the board before applying the correct varnish.

He then used Minwax Wood Putty in Ebony to hide the small holes left by the finishing nails. Wood putty vs. wood filler is appropriate to use in this instance as we are unable to sand the final project. It was fairly simple to use- simply form a small ball of putty and rub it into the nail hole. From there, make sure to clean off the surrounding area with a clean, dry rag.

I wasn't much help but an extra pair of hands, but honey did a fabulous job. I knew it was going to look good, but it turned out even better than expected and we both love it. We love it so much that we decided that the rest of the kitchen might like a little bit of a face lift too.

Wouldn't want anyone to get bored around here- right?


So here's what we're thinking next...

**Please don't be appalled by the pile of dishes :)

All of you cabinets around the sink- you're leaving. Buh-bye. We'll probably put you somewhere else, so don't be sad.

They will be replaced with some open, floating oak shelves to match the color of the bar. We're thinking probably one long shelf above the window that will extend on either side, then one or two on each side of the window. We'll also have to re-trim the window.

This is going to lead to a little more face lifting (botox, lipo...etc.) for the rest of the kitchen, but we'll leave it at this for now. And we've only got the rest of our lives, right?

One last before and after.

We're getting there! Suggestions and comments are welcome, we're new at this :)

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  1. It looks wonderful!! And yeah you might as well keep going-it's not like you have anything else going on right now. ha ha. Grandpa Jim would be proud.


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