Friday, August 1, 2014

National Parks Wish List

My sweet chinchillas, I’ve been feeling a little wanderlust-y.  One of my dreams is to visit all of the US National Parks in my lifetime, but here are a few currently at the top of the list.

Rocky Mountain

Photo Credit: NPS
This makes the tippy-top of the list because it is where we will soon be spending our honeymoon! I’ve been following Andy's blog for pictures, pointers and motivation.


Glacier Mountain

This is the park I chose to research for my fifth grade National Parks Project. It's only fair that all of that homework time should result in a vacation.   


A photo of preservationist George B. Dorr 


A little East Coast love. It's on an Island, plus we could stop along the way for a bona fide New England Clambake! You know, the kind where you dig the hole in the sand. How does that work anyways?

Have you been to any National Parks this summer?

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