Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gruene, TX

Back in March, we flew down south for a five-day trip to Texas. We were splitting our trip between San Antonio and Austin, but our unplanned side trip to the pint-size historical town of Gruene is what I’d like to share with you today.

We spent the morning zip lining across Wimberely Valley in Texas Hill Country and made it back to base camp just as the first drizzles started to fall. As we jogged back to our vehicle, a sweet gentleman stopped us and asked what our plans from there were. We didn’t have any, so he quickly drew us a map of how to get to Gruene and suggested that the Gristmill be our first stop for an early dinner.

The building that houses the restaurant was part of Gruene’s water powered cotton gin, built back in 1878. The mill burned to the ground in 1922 and the only building left standing was its three story brick boiler room, now the Gristmill Restaurant. We rushed in from the rain and had a drink while we warmed our hands in front of the woodstove. The mill was cozy on a chilly, damp day with with fireplaces located throughout the entire restaurant and an abundance of happy people filling their bellies with good food.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the most scrumptious salsa that my taste buds have ever encountered. It was so stinking good that I don’t remember what either of us ate for dinner.
This little town seems to be centered around Gruene Hall, Texas’s oldest continually operating dance hall, built in 1878. It’s been host to ‘up-and-comers’ George Strait and Lyle Lovett, to name a few. And does anyone remember the movie ‘Michael’? John Travolta’s famous dancing feet filmed a scene for the movie right on those old wooden floors. Plus, they couldn't go wrong serving ice cold bottles of beer.
The General Store had many delicacies to offer…Pickled Quail Eggs anyone?

We found a charming little wine tasting building dressed in wood siding and a tin roof. We stopped inside and I ordered a glass of red wine, while honey opted for a beer. Since it’s located in a historical town, we were actually allowed to take our beverages and continue exploring.
There were a few antique shops, a coffee house, a tea room and many other quaint little places that we didn’t have time to explore. We hope to visit again someday.

Cheers to unplanned adventures.



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