Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kitchen Shelving Inspiration

As a self imposed rule, we aren't allowed to start any more house projects until after the honeymoon. There's no reason we can't look around the web for a little inspiration though, right? 


I like that these shelves actually wrap around the corner, then we wouldn't have all of that wasted space on the back wall.


Shanty-to-Chic uses decorative hooks to make it look as though they are holding the shelves suspended.


Another idea is to leave a little extra space between the window and the shelves to hang a couple little cafe curtains, but I really love all the light from the windows and would be quite hesitant to block any of it.

Our Vintage Home Love

Love the decor on Diana's shelves, how she mixes the textures of stoneware, woven baskets, the old vintage scales and greenery.

I'm itching to tear out some cabinets!

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