Thursday, August 7, 2014

Symphony of Destruction

It was like FernGully in our woods this weekend. I could practically hear the poor little faeries scrambling for a new tree to call home.

This is the entrance to our little forest. Not very pleaseant for an evening stroll, unless you're decked out in coveralls and a helmet with a face shield. 


Enter Mr. Bobcat Forestry Cutter.

Kelly's cousin, who operates this type of equipment for a living, was kind enough to haul this monster to our house and spend his Saturday afternoon clearing a path so that we could enjoy our woods a little more.

We went through and marked a tentative destruction course with a pretty high tech trail marker that some of you may have heard of. Toilet paper. Then he went at it! 

There are no pictures of the monster in action because this thing could send a wooden spear through a person quicker than Joffrey could lop off Ned Starks head.  I wasn't gettin up close and personal with that.


The machine leaves behind a trail of stringy wood over the smaller mulch, but after a couple hours (and a few blisters) with some steel rakes, we had a nice clear path that was covered in smaller mulch.

I did have to take one small break to, you know, enjoy some eye candy.

We're so grateful to Troy coming over and clearing this path for us. Don't mind the dog butts, they love the trails as much as we do

I am calling them my horse trails. One might be sweet enough to point out that we don't actually have any horses, but dare to dream, right?

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