Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Hello Lovelies :)

Today I wanted to talk about Christmas traditions.

My younger sister was born on Christmas Eve morning when I was just three years old. My grandma stayed with me during those days and nights while my parents were at the hospital, but luckily they were able to come home on Christmas day. I thought my sister was the greatest Christmas gift ever. On the home video from that day, we are all surrounding the tree in the living room, toasty in front of the fire. Mom would hand me a present to open, but then partway through my new baby sister would make a little peep, so I'd drop the gift and go look at her. Then I'd go back and continue to open my gift, but she would peep again and I'd run over to her. Needless to say, we sat in front of the tree just a little bit longer that year.

Once we got older, my parents wanted to make it a little more special so that her birthday didn't get lumped into Christmas. When she was old enough, they made a big deal about putting on a fancy dinner and she got to choose whatever she wanted for dinner. What did this little girl choose? Crab legs. Crab legs and artichokes. She's always been a high roller. Mom would get out all of her Chritsmas china and fancy silverware, we'd set the table in the living room- the living room with white carpet that we never ate or drank in (or walked in for that matter). Friends and family would come over and it was 'Happy Birthday', not 'Merry Christmas'. We'd have dinner, play games and watch sister open gifts after cake and ice cream. She was so sweet because after a night of it being all about her, she would let her other sisters open a small Christmas gift before going to bed.

I remember a few years of going to church and singing carols. I always loved it because I got to hold my own candle while we sang. Honey laughed at me the other day when I told him that I used to go caroling with our church when I was younger. I loved it! I wish people still went caroling. I mean, people are probably thanking The Lord that I'm not caroling, but it was fun!

So that's our tradition that has carried on steadily through the years. Mom's house on Christmas Eve for crab legs, prime rib and artichokes. We head home with full bellies that guarantee we're asleep when Santa comes.

As young girls, on Christmas morning we'd get up and run to the family room to open our stockings. After stockings, we ate a breakfast of French toast, then waited for grandma to open our gifts together. A couple years ago, mom broached the subject with us girls about trying a new recipe for Christmas morning. It was some egg casserole or something crazy and she was met with a resounding 'NO!' from all of us. Think we like to stick with our traditions?

When Kelly was younger, his family always watched 'It's a Wonderful Life' together. Then on Christmas day after opening gifts, they would make homemade pizzas and spend the day together.

I'm so very excited that we get to make these memories together now! I have a four day weekend and look forward to doing nothing but spending time with our friends, family and loved ones. 

We were watching a reality show called 'my obsession' the other day and they had a guy who celebrates Christmas every. single. day. Everyday.

Do you have any special traditions? Do you travel anywhere? Or maybe you stay home and drink too much eggnog? Whatever you do, I'd love to hear about it!

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