Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gift Guide: Your Kind-Hearted, Outdoorsy Husband Who Can Fix Just About Anything

Today's Holiday Gift Guide is for the lucky men in our lives. Not just for husbands or boyfriends, most of these ideas fit for brothers and friends as well. Take a look and you'll see why I say most...

Right Soap
Because, even though you might not understand it, he loves using washcloths.


Temporary tattoos that remind him of your honeymoon.

Duluth Trading Co.
These great socks that keep his feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Lake Art Collection
A cribbage board, so you can learn a new game together.

Mr. Beer

This Mr. Beer home brewing kit was under the tree last year for Kelly and he absolutely loved it. We had a lot of fun together completing the process and it gave us something to do during the cold winter months spent indoors. It takes a few weeks for the beer to ferment, but we had a countdown to crack open that first beer and my was it tasty!


Yourself, in a pretty lace chemise with a giant red bow around your waist. 

This dopp kit, so he doesn't have to use Ziploc bags for traveling. Also a subtle reminder of what he's already thinking.

A wood smoker, to smoke all of the fresh-caught salmon from his step-dad. 

Boyne Highlands

Experiences together, because you know that's all he really wants anyway. Tickets to the PBR Rodeo, where he likes to pretend he's a real cowboy. A visit to that new brewery that you've been talking about. Or even a road trip up north to Boyne Highlands, where you can spend snowy evening in the hot tub. In the morning, you could go for a dog sled ride

Charity Ball

Donate a soccer ball in his name to a child who cannot afford their own. He was lucky enough to play for his whole life growing up, of course he'd appreciate giving that gift to the next generation.

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