Thursday, June 2, 2016

Making Mess & Taking Names

Adalynn had her first taste of food yesterday, some delicious sweet potato puree. Which, of course, she ate like a well-mannered little lady.

...or something like that. You can see for yourself :)

Like I said, Miss Manners over here. 

...maybe not.

By the time we were done, she was a wreck from head to toe. I think she even had some in her ears. 

We were on the phone with grandma L & she jokingly said something about it going right in one end and straight out the other. Sure enough! We took her diaper off to throw her in the bath...just a mess. A hot mess.  

It was a lot of fun, I'm excited for this new phase. You know...making big messes and whatnot. 

I think we're in for a lot more baths and a lot more laundry. 


  1. What a sweetie... so enjoyed meeting that little gal, seeing you again, and of course, visiting with Mick...
    Wish I could have seen Kelly, but so little time and too much to do! Maybe the next time, hunh?
    Love to you all!

    1. It was really good to see you too! I know Mick loved visiting with you :) She kept joking about how she was going to be on everyone's list because she didn't tell anyone she was visiting with you. Hopefully next time Kelly won't be so busy - Love to you!

  2. I'm sorry... this is Aunt Phyll... the email being shown is for my oldest child... mine is


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