Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Crying Kids...

In all of my 27 years on earth, if I was around a child crying, 90% of the time I would be thinking 'please will someone shut that kid up - what is the deal?!'

Yea, real empathetic I was. 

But now it's a completely different story. Every time I see one cry now, whether it's a tiny baby, a stumbling toddler or even just a little kid, I cannot stand it! 

It makes me so sad like I just want to swoop in and pick them up, cuddle them, hug them and love them and make everything okay. 

Last night at the barn, we had a sweet little girl come to ride and it was her first lesson. 

Before getting on the horse, she was so excited. And I mean, so excited. Like you could tell it was taking all of her self-control to keep from running around, yelling and jumping up & down. She looked like she was going to explode out of her skin and was literally trembling with excitement. 

The lesson went great, she dismounted, gave treats and petted her horse. But then when it was time to say goodbye, she got very quiet. Then she started crying. Not like she was throwing a fit, but big fat crocodile tears of genuine sadness. 

To see her go from the happiest child on the planet to being truly heartbroken having to leave her horse was the saddest thing to watch! It made my heart ache and was all I could do to not pick her up, hug and console her... then let her go sleep in the stall with her horse. 

Did anything like that that happen to you? Maybe you weren't so fond of children, then you had your own kid and it completely changed your perspective? Or maybe you have your own children, but you're still not really a kid person - just your own (I definitely thought that was going to be me!).

Anyway, I thought that was pretty neat. Liking kids is a good thing - it will make play dates much easier :) 

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