Friday, January 16, 2015


Perhaps my most favorite things about succulents is that they're almost impossible to kill. Short of a cactus, I am truly horrible at keeping any plants alive. This includes hanging baskets in the summertime. 

Our wedding centerpieces all contained three little succulents, so I had bunches left over from the wedding. I had been spritzing them with water every now and then, but when the dirt got to be rock hard I decided to plant them before they went to the elephant graveyard. 

See that poor little guy in the front already turning yellow? Something had to be done.

So I just layered up a few plastic bags to line the boxes, then filled them with dirt and planted the little guys. The bags got trimmed down as much as they could be.

They now sit happily on top of the piano where they get lots of sunshine and make me smile whenever I sit down to play.

Are you any good at keeping house plants alive? I would love to have one of these around, but would be terribly sad if it didn't survive.

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