Thursday, April 16, 2015

Early Morning Trespasser

Do you see anything under those pine trees? We had a pheasant visit us. I had never seen one before, they are so pretty!

Kelly woke me up and told me about it, so while he was in the shower I took the camera out to get a few pictures. I walked all the way up to the grass and was crouched down looking for him, but couldn't find him.

Lo and behold when Kelly got out of the shower, he took one look through the window and said "He's right there." Well, I still couldn't see him so we both went out and he flushed him out while a took a few pictures.

Kelly's lived here for almost six years and has never seen one around. We are thinking that it heard the baby chicks peeping in the pole barn and was curious.

I love seeing wild animals. Last year, we saw 3 coyotes and found their den while we were in the tractor planting the field behind the house. It was pretty erie to think they're living right in our back yard.

Have a lovely day, and watch out for trespassers of your own!

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