Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What Kind of Trip Planner Are You?

My sister called me at 10:15 the other night. When I saw it was her, I was pretty worried because she never calls late. I answer "Hello" and she responds with, "Allison, you are never going to believe this...

...I'm going to HAWAII!" 

Excuse me?!

Yea, my little sis is just up and going to Hawaii next month. So awesome.

She was talking about everything there is to do there, the volcanos, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, everything.

It got me thinking, what kind of trip planner are you?

Are you the kind that just wings it, you get to your destination and start finding things to do?

Or are you the kind who schedules everything? 

I'm the scheduling kind of gal. Not necessarily that we have to stick to the schedule when we are on vacation, but I like to have a plan so that we can make the most of every day that we're traveling. 

For example if we are road tripping, are there any kooky roadside attractions along the way? Or maybe a zoo or famous horse track. I plan out all of our stops - if we stop, great, if we don't feel like it, that's okay too. 

Other than making the most of it, all of the planning gets me so excited! That's why I love planning vacations so far ahead of time, you have so much more time to be excited about it which is half the fun. 

How do you do vacations?

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