Monday, July 11, 2016

At the Blueberry Patch

Sunday, we went blueberry picking. One of Kelly's old coworkers has a blueberry patch, so we took a little trip over there and picked some for ourselves. 

Here are a few pictures, if you'd like to see! 

I remember going to pick blueberries once when I was little, what I didn't remember was how pretty the bushes are! The soft periwinkle is such a pretty color. 

Adalynn had a real tough job. You know, sitting in her stroller, playing the forewoman. 

Kelly was the master picker. I think I picked about three buckets to his...ten.

Really he was at a little advantage - Leo came over and told him to string the bucket handle through his belt so he could pick with two hands.  

Her little scrunchy nose kills me!

I have a camera tripod and a little remote shutter that I need to start remembering to bring! I love all of our pictures, but it'd be nice to have all three of us in one once in a while. 

So of course we had to have a little sampling when we got home...

Crue is slowly coming to realize that hanging out by baby eating is the place to be. 

He likes to help with cleanup. 

I say it was a good day!

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