Monday, August 1, 2016

A Day at Mackinac

Last week, we decided on a whim to head up north. Kelly's brother lives about an hour away from Mackinac, so we stayed at his house in a cute little tourist town. 
Here are some pictures from our weekend, if you'd like to see...
The first night, we showered and headed into town where we ate outside at a delicious restaurant (Adalynn sampled her first lemon - hilarious! I will try to upload that video). Then we walked around town for a while before heading back to the house

The following morning, we drove up to Mackinac City. 

It was such a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot. Simply perfect.

There aren't any bridges that run to the island, you can only get there by water or air. We sat on the top deck of the ferry and it was so windy on the way over. She was making the funniest faces! She reminded me of the little baby from Dinosaurs.

When we got off the ferry we went directly to the bike rentals. 

Adalynn loved her little burley. Or she loved watching her daddy do all of the work...not quite sure which. We talked about getting a couple of bikes for around here. It was so fun to just go at our own pace, stoping for a picnic or to stick our feet in the water.

All along the beaches there were tons of stacked stone towers.

Kelly was cracking me up riding with the camera around his neck and snapping pictures on the go. Pretty good aim he has!

We stopped about a quarter of the way around because Adalynn was getting a little cranky hungry, which was probably good because then we got to eat our picnic lunch too. I get a little cranky when I'm hungry as well. So lucky for Kelly that we stopped :)

See those smiles after she had a little milk in her belly? 

I'm curious to know the number of horses they have on the island. You can take carriage tours, guided horseback rides or even rent a horse & cart yourself. Horses continue to amaze me - the fact that you can harness a 2,000 pound animal to a cart and send it off with some random tourist sitting at the reins is simply amazing. 

Of course we had to hike up to the carriage house. 

This tack room. Horse people...if you could just walk in there and take a sniff. All of that delicious, yummy clean supple leather. So buttery soft, I could've eaten it up. 

And the obligatory photo of the beautiful Grand Hotel.  

We had to finish it off with a selfie :) 

It was a really great weekend! I had to bring some fudge home's illegal to leave the island without getting fudge. The only thing I'm bummed is that we didn't get any smoked fish. That's the #2 illegal thing to leave up north without. 

Next time, next time. 

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