Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Adventures Outdoors with Baby: Handy Dandy Items to Make It Easy

As the summer is winding down and we're heading in the the lovely, crisp fall season, I thought it'd be nice to look back share with you a few things have made our lives easier while having our little one outdoors. 

Keep that Sun Away!

First and foremost, sunscreen. The Honest Company brand is my favorite, but with one huge disclaimer. Do not put this product on your child's face. I made the mistake of putting it on Adalynn's face and within twenty minutes, her face broke out horribly. It looked like she had major sunburn and a bumpy rash. I immediately washed her face off as gently as I could and by the next day, it was all better. Besides that, this sunscreen works beautifully. I like that there's a slight sheen on the skin so that you can tell where you've put it on and where might be missed. Even with her being in direct sunlight (which we try not to do) she hasn't had one single burn all summer long. 

I purchased this sun shade tent this spring and it's great. It's not a pop-up, so it stays nice and sturdy in the wind, yet it only takes about five minutes to set up. There's a window in one side that you can open or close to allow a breeze through, and a nice bonus is that there's a clothesline strung along the top in the front, allowing you to hang up towels or wet swimsuits. It even allows you to zip the fourth wall so to make it a mini-tent if your little one needs four walls to sleep in. 

sunhat. This one has a nice, wide brim and the draw string allows it to be adjusted to even the smallest newborn's head and it looks like it should last until she's at least two, maybe longer. We'll get our money's worth for sure! 

We also got her this great rash-guard shirt that provides UV protection of 50+. It's lightweight, she swims in it, it dries quickly and, even though it's long sleeved, is also cool to wear on hot days. I especially love that we don't have to use sunscreen when she's wearing this shirt - the less chemicals the better! 

Don't forget their little eyeballs. These sunglasses are great and they come in all colors. They strap gently on her head and she really doesn't seem to mind them. They're especially great for days out on the lake or in the dunes when the bright sun is shining and bouncing off everywhere. 

Bye-Bye Bugs!

I haven't found a bug spray yet that's not overloaded with chemicals yet actually works. So for now, these ThermaCELL mosquito repellers are where it's at. They work like a charm, we have 3 that we use when camping, outside on the deck or around a bonfire. We set them around and mosquitos avoid us like the plague :) 

Go Baby Go!

My absolute FAVORITE thing that we just couldn't live without was gifted to us by Kelly's aunt. This portable high chair is the best thing since sliced bread. It's like a camp chair, so it folds up to be put in a bag. Plus, the table part is covered in plastic so it's super easy to wipe clean. We use it on the deck, in the yard, on camping trips, at Silver Lake, going to friend's & family's cookouts, lunches or dinners in the field, all day events outdoors like our fishing tournament or the horse trials - anywhere and everywhere. If you're a family on the go, this chair is gold. 

Along the same lines as the portable, collapsible high chair is a collapsible wagon. These are great because you can take them anywhere, but they won't take up any space to back (which is great- because your stroller will!). This model even has beverage carriers on the front - bonus! 

Baby carriers are my all-time favorite. When Adalynn was teeny tiny, I carried her in my baby K'tan wrap - I adore this wrap because she would be so snuggly inside and always fell right to sleep. I was even able to take her outside when the snow was still falling because I could zip her right up inside my coat (making sure she had good air flow of course!). Now that she's bigger, Kelly and I both love the Ergobaby Carrier. It has great lower back support, which is huge...especially if you are a large-busted nursing gal! I chose to get the performance model because the majority of it is cool, breathable mesh - without this model there's no way either she or I would be comfortable with the carrier on hot days. 

This product I have not yet tried, but will update this post when I do. It's called 'Make My Belly Fit' and works for pregnant gals, baby wearing peeps and husbands with beer bellies. It's basically a coat extender, so you're able to still wear your fall or winter jackets while wearing your baby at the same time! I'm excited to try it when it gets cooler! 

Of course you'll want a stroller as well. It's nice to have options. We love our Graco Travel System stroller because we can click in her car sear or the actual stroller seat. We also have the option to have the stroller seat face towards us or forward. This stroller is great for everyday jaunts. If you're going cross country, you'll definitely need something with bigger wheels to get over the rough terrain. While I haven't tested them, a lot of our friends have recommended this Jeep all-terrain stroller.

Pack it Up!

When contemplating a diaper bag, I highly recommend a diaper backpack. We've been using this inexpensive model for months and it's held up to a lot of wear & tear. It's also not the least bit girly, so your farmer husband won't mind carrying it around. 

These are just a few of the things that have made our on-the-go times 10x easier and more enjoyable for all of us. What's made your life easier? Do you have anything we could add to the list?


  1. I'm so happy you are getting some use out of that high hair


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