Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fishing Tournament & A Lean-To

We had another pretty big weekend. Friday evening, Kelly & a few of his buddies started putting up the lean-to on the back of the pole barn. 

We have one too many vehicles and lawn mowers (three lawns mowers anyone?!) So this extra storage should cover at least a vehicle plus a bit. When it's finished, we'll finally be able to paint the back to match the rest of the pole barn, which should make our neighbors happy not to look at a mis-matched, puke green & white building anymore. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Saugatuck helping with a fishing tournament. It was a beautiful weekend spent with friends & family!

Here are a few pictures, if you're interested...

Adalynn & I camped out under a shade tree. She was perfectly happy and content watching the guys work. And I got to finish the newest Harry Potter (!) It's written as a play, I've never read a book in that format before so it took a little getting use to but it was quite fun. 

When there's cold beer and building projects on a Friday night, guys just show up out of nowhere. It's really quite amazing. 

So after a few more beers and some burgers on the grill, everyone went home only to get up bright and early the next morning to head to Saugatuck for a fishing tournament on Lake Michigan.

It's such a fun little tradition we've been a part of. Kelly's stepdad fishes in the tournament, his mom and aunt write scores. Him & his buddies help hold boats, move coolers and weigh the fish. Us girls run weight slips, write on the scoreboard and sell t-shirts. 

Here's the post from my first year being a part of it. And last year my preggo self wasn't really in the blogging mood for much of it, so I sadly didn't post any pictures. 

Some of our group on the first day. I, sadly, didn't take any pictures on Sunday. I hate when I do that! 

Kelly's cousin & her girlfriend were visiting from Brooklyn. It was really fun to see them, I hadn't seen her since the first time we met when Kelly & I first started dating. Their dog is either the cutest ugly dog or the ugliest cute dog - no one knows but she was a sweetie! 

I meant to get a solo picture of grandma, the girls and the dog because they claimed that bench all weekend long. And didn't move. It was hilarious. 

Kelly got a pint of ice cream. That he ate all. by. himself. I secretly think it made him sick but he was smart enough not to say anything after pigging himself. In his defense, Kilwin's has some amazing ice cream. 

Sunday night we got home and the boys all took a dip in the pond, then we grilled burgers and had a few more beers. It was a perfect end to a very nice weekend.

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