Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sweet Corn Picking

Saturday was quite a day.

Why you ask? 

It was a day of corn. And I do mean a day of corn.

Up at the farm, Kelly's grandpa has always had a sweet corn patch. A giant sweet corn patch. They never sell the corn, it's just for friends and family to eat, eat, eat and eat some more. 

Saturday we decided it was time for our own little harvest to stock up for winter. We picked corn. We shucked corn. We cut corn. We froze corn. 

Then, you know what we did?

We grilled corn. And ate corn. 

Here are a few pictures from the day! 

Our handsome chauffer.

Baby carriers are the most awesome thing. She loves being in her carrier, walking around and looking at everything. Although you have to be careful because I definitely whacked her in the face with a corn stalk (!)

Kelly asked, "Why's her face all wet?" I hit her with a dewy cork stalk, alright?!

He loves nothing more than eating an ear of corn straight off the stalk. Weird, right?

A girl after her daddy's heart right there. 

Here was our haul.

And a close up, in case you didn't see clearly. Yes, we will be set on sweet corn for the winter - woohoo! 

Then we had to go up and show great-grandpa how she loved to mow down. Of course he got a kick out of it (that smile!). 

She went from no hands...

to both hands...

to all by herself! 

When we got home, I started shucking while Adalynn played on the floor. I've never liked corn (that is, until I started eating it fresh - what a difference!) so I wasn't the most adept at shucking. I'm kind of a gentle person by nature but about a quarter way through I was getting so frustrated. I finally learned you just have to rip those puppies down and off. Nothing gentle about it. Grab and rip.

All of a sudden, the weather alarm on Kelly's phone went off with a tornado warning. So we booked it to the basement. Then pops in my sister and I asked if she was aware there was a tornado or what in the world she was doing driving around. The sirens in town were going off, it was pretty erie. 

As soon as it was over, we went back outside and I forced her to help me cut, bag and freeze all of the corn from the day. All but 8, which we threw on the grill to go with our steak. It was a yummy dinner and well worth the work! 

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