Friday, September 12, 2014

Game Time

Hello my sweet chinchillas. Can you guess what this is? If you guessed an old horse feed sack, you would be partially correct! Guess what's inside? A giant Jenga set!

Our wedding venue has a gorgeous outdoor area, so we thought we'd have a few games that would be fun for both the kids and adults during cocktail hour. Since Kelly is the ever-so-talented power tool operator, he made this set of Jenga blocks. We're going to leave them unstained and our plan is to have a stash of markers so that people leave us something witty and inspiring or, in the kids's case, maybe draw us a picture or two. After the wedding, we'll cross our fingers and try the linseed oil that didn't work in this post to finish and protect the blocks.

Just to give you an idea of the size, I had my big boy sit next to the game once it was set up (don't mind the white paint on his ear, he got into one of our other projects). Then we had to have a practice trial.


Apparently this is the winning postition, because a few moves after this I tumbled them. Oops.

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