Friday, November 6, 2015

Maternity Leave

I'm on it! Officially as of today :) 

With just four and a half weeks until this little girl's predicted arrival, I decided to take the last session of the year off. It happened to be perfect timing too, because it's been getting too much to throw saddles around, arena set up, mounting & dismounting riders and all of the other physical aspects of being a therapeutic instructor. 

So this will be crazy. I haven't had four weeks off since I was seventeen. And in all actuality, it's more than four weeks because I'm not going back until the end of January, but I figure getting acquainted with our little one and learning the ropes of being a momma and a three person family is going to be a 24-7 job in itself. 

Crossing my fingers that my to-do list, combined with a good amount of afternoon naps, will keep me busy enough that I don't drive everyone and their brother up a wall! Wish me luck...actually, wish my husband luck :) 

Hoping you have a great weekend! 

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