Monday, November 2, 2015

Pregnancy: Surviving the First Trimester

The first trimester was not fun. I suppose that the first month and a half really doesn't count, because I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was about a week late and took a test. 

About 2 months was when it started to be not so fun. That was when the sickness started. 'Morning' sickness...ha. 'All day all night' sickness for is more like it. Here are a few things that helped me through, in case you're in the same position as I was. 

1.) Saltine Crackers. Or Pretzels.

These saved my tush on a number of occasions. My stomach hurt all of the time. Any big meal would make me sick, anything with meat, vegetables or anything remotely hard to digest would come right back up in a matter of about ten minutes. At the same time, if my stomach was empty, I would be over the toilet dry heaving for a good ten minutes. I had a pack of saltines at my desk at work, on the coffee table at home and also on my nightstand. 

Any time I felt a bit of queasiness coming on, I'd eat a few crackers and feel much better. If you get sick of plain saltine crackers, spice it up by adding them to some chicken broth. To unpregnant, unsick people it probably sounds bla, but to a sick pregnant girl it tasted like Thanksgiving dinner. 

2.) A New Bra

Everything I've read recommends that when you're pregnant and your chest starts to grow, invest in a nursing bra. This way, it will last through pregnancy and after. 

Well, I call BS on this one. Sorry, but I'm spending hours a day over the toilet, so sick that I don't even want to hear the word 'pregnant' or 'baby'. My boobs are killing me and no wonder, because they've grown 2 cup sizes in ONE MONTH! My cups runneth over. Besides the pain, I feel like they and they alone have gained at least 20 of my 'allowed' 25-30 pounds pregnancy weight gain. They are literally trying to kill me by suffocation while sleeping. No way in sweet Hallelujah and I wearing a damn nursing bra for the next 7 months!

So I say, don't get a nursing bra. With all of the changes your body is going to go through, spoil yourself a little and get yourself a normal bra. Preferably lace or satin or something that makes you feel sexy. Even if it does look like a double parachute. 

3.) Take Your Prenatal Vitamins at Night

This way, your stomach has been awake and digesting things (even if it's only been refined flour and water) all day. It was the last thing I would do at night, get in bed, quick swallow my pill with some water and go right to sleep. I took these Rainbow Light vitamins, which were very easy on my stomach and made my...ummm...digestive system regular. 

4.) An Understanding Partner

You're exhausted and have been on the couch since you've gotten home from work, besides the time that you've spent hanging over the toilet. You haven't cooked a meal, cleaned the house or done any laundry for days. You haven't taken care of the dogs or the chickens today. 

This is where having an understanding partner is really important. Just try to remember that when they get frustrated, they don't really know what's going on. Try to remain calm and not go pregnant-girl-crazy, explain to them as calmly as you can what you are going through. No, you will not always remain calm (speaking from experience here), but definitely try because they probably don't understand what kind of batsh!t crazy demon has taken over their sweet angel's body. 

5.) Tylenol

I had horrible headaches the first trimester. The smell of coffee brewing was one of the things that made me violently ill, so I believe they were the result of terrible caffeine withdrawals. While I didn't take any medication - mostly because we didn't go to the doctor until 10 weeks and I didn't know what I could or couldn't have - I later learned from my doctor that Tylenol is safe to take during pregnancy. So I'm recommending having it on hand for emergencies. 

6.) Stay Off Google, Get Yourself A Book

Get yourself a trusty book to help you through it. I have and love Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. It breaks your pregnancy down into 4 week increments and highlights baby's growth, baby's position, your body changes, emotions, and even gives you an exercise of the month. Information on prenatal checkups, baby equipment, health concerns and a healthy diet all the way through to labor, breastfeeding and early survival tips as a parent. No freak stories to scare you, no one's personal stories, just facts. I love and highly recommend this book. 

So there you have it, a few things that helped me through the emotional, exhausting, exciting, sickening roller coaster of the first three months.

If you've been there, I'd love to hear what helped you get through the first three months. 

Oh, and if you're like my sister in law and had a jolly good, unsick, trouble-free, energetic first trimester - zip it! I don't want to hear from you. Neither does anyone else. 


  1. Just going back and doing a little catch up on your blogs!😊😊love them all and you guys are amazing! Cant wait to meet your sweet little girl!😊youre going to be amazing parents!

    1. Thanks girl! We can't wait to meet her either!! Especially for play dates with her big cousin :)


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