Monday, November 23, 2015

The Word I'm Trying to Ditch

There's a word I've been using more and more lately, and the more I notice it, the more I use it. I've used the delete button on my keyboard multiple times in blog posts to get rid of this annoying little word. I kick myself when I'm talking and it comes out of my mouth. 

The culprit: 'just'.

I just want... I just think... I just mean... I just have to... I just feel... 

It's almost as if by saying the word 'just' that you are demeaning the next part of your sentence. Especially with an opinion, like when you say 'I just think that...' Whatever it is you think now has less value because of that silly little word. You sound ten times more confident saying 'I think that...' instead of 'I just think...'

So here's my challenge to you: quit saying 'I just'. See how much more confident and assertive you feel when you kick that word to the curb. 

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