Monday, November 16, 2015

You Know It's Time To Buy A Maternity Shirt When...

You start looking like Gloria from Modern Family. And I don't mean in the Va Va Voom kind of way.

The other day, I was telling my sister how I finally caved and bought a few maternity shirts. Reason being this. I was out in the pole barn last week sanding a couple of boards when, all of a sudden, my belly felt cold. Like, really cold. So I looked down and lo and behold- my stomach is just hanging out! Yea. Not pretty.

This is the impression I like to do for my sister that gets her rolling every time...I shake it and everything.

But then she reminded me of Modern Family. Remember the episode when Gloria was pregnant for Joe and they were all trying to get her to realize that she needed to update her wardrobe?

That was me. Just chilling with my belly out. 

So that, folks, that is how I knew I needed to get some maternity shirts.

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