Monday, January 11, 2016

First Family Picture

We finally took our Christmas tree down last night. It always makes me sad to take it down, but it was time...especially because it stopped getting watered about two weeks ago (!) 

Before we took it down though, we had to snap a couple of pictures. It took me about half an hour of googling to figure out how to set the shutter delay on our camera, but we finally got it :) 

It's hard taking pictures with an awake baby! In almost all of the pictures she either quick turned her head around, was yawning or had her hands in her face. But I'm happy we finally have a picture of the three of us. 

Now that I know where that delayed-shutter release is, I'm going to try really really hard to remember to take lots of pictures of all of us together! 


  1. what a cute picture of you guys.I must say that Adalynn looks a little bored.

    1. To be fair, we had just taken a bunch of pictures of her by herself. I think she was over it :)


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