Monday, January 4, 2016

To Be Induced: Part 1

**This was written the night we found out that I was being induced the following day

Wednesday, December 16th

I'm sitting on the couch typing this after a pretty long day. My mother-in-law had our nephew for the day, so I spent the morning visiting at her house. From there, Kelly picked me up and we went on our way to the doctors office for our (almost) 41 week baby appointment. 

Today was scheduled an ultrasound, to be sure there was enough fluid in there for her, among other things. We had our non-stress test on Monday and she checked out to be just fine. (For most of my third trimester, I had high blood pressure, causing me to skip right from monthly doctor visits to weekly visits and, a couple of times, even having appointments every couple of days. The word preeclampsia being thrown around a lot. Not fun.) When last Friday rolled around and my blood pressure had skyrocketed, they sent me to get blood work done with talks of inducing on Saturday depending on the results. Scary and not exciting. Fortunately, everything came back normal. 

So here we were come Wednesday, sitting in the office waiting for our doctor and I'm all smiles thinking okay, she did great on the stress test and the ultrasound shows everything is nice and homey in there, we are good to go! Let's go home and do some more stair climbs! 

Then the doctor came in and...lo and behold...high blood pressure. All seven times he checked it (no joke). After checking things down below and consulting with my two other doctors, he told us that they all believed the best thing would be to induce labor. 

Scary and not something I wanted to do. It didn't make any sense to me because our baby was perfectly fine, as shown in all the checkups Friday, Monday and today. 

As the doctor explained more about me having gestational hypertension and the complications that can arise during and after labor for mother, we understood the reason for recommending induction. I was extremely worried because I know that inducing labor increases the chances of having a c-section. Again, scary and, in a perfect world, not something I wanted to happen. 

As much as we both wanted labor to start naturally, we thought the safest route would be induction as the doctors recommended. 

I also had this horrible picture of induction being hooked up to a bunch of IVs and them pumping you full of some sort of something. Not so much. The way that it would actually be started is by them giving my down under a little dissolving pill that would soften everything even more and boost the contractions up. Okay, that I can deal with. 

So on our way home, we stopped for Kelly to get a haircut, then again at his mom's to pick up my vehicle and say a quick hello. Then we came home and quick cleaned out the fridge, did some vacuuming, washed the bathroom, finished up laundry, cleaned the stove, pledged the woodwork. You know, basically everything so we could come home to a squeaky clean house. 

We had a yummy steak dinner followed by nice warm showers. Now I'm sitting on the couch writing this, while all of the Christmas lights are on in the house, The Grinch is on TV and Kelly is next to me drinking a beer. 

I look forward to going to bed tonight and snuggling as close as possible to my husband, because next time we sleep at home, we'll have a little girl by our side. 

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