Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One Month Old!

Yep, again with not cooperating for the camera :)

Adalynn turned a month old this past Sunday, which is crazy because I feel like we were just in the hospital last week. At the same time I feel like she's been here forever and can't imagine our life without her.  

So here's what she's been up to lately.

Smiles, smiles, smiles! She just started last week and it mostly happens when she gets kisses from her daddy or momma...also gas. Gas works too. 

She loves to stretch, especially after she eats. She reaches her arms way up and arches her back. Thankfully she is starting to wait until after she is done eating because, let me tell you, that did not feel good.  

She's starting to sleep really well at night, we've finally in the past couple of days been able to establish a bedtime routing and aim to have her sleeping by 10:30, then she's been waking only two times before morning. It's so awesome. I never thought three hours of sleep could feel so good. 

Another couple of things: She sleeps with her mouth open. It's too cute. Also, I can't decide if she has reddish hair or not. She loves her bath time and almost always pees in it. And I finally started dressing her in clothes other than her white onesies, which is what she lived in for three weeks straight :) 

We had one 40 degree day last week and we decided it was past time for us to all go outside. I put her in my baby wrap (which is about the greatest thing every) and we went outside, took the dog for a walk and just hung our around the yard for a good hour. She slept the whole time and it was so nice to be outside as a whole family! Crossing my fingers that we get another one of those days soon!

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