Monday, December 28, 2015

What a Week

Today, Adalynn is one week and four days old. I cannot believe it. 

Between learning how to care for her, friends & family visiting and trying to get a pinch of sleep once in a while, the first week flew by like the snap of your fingers. We've really been feeling the love from everyone with all of the phone calls, texts and cards. Not to mention the food! I haven't had to cook a single thing since we arrived home last Saturday, it's been so nice. 

I have been taking pictures non stop, my Instagram is already full of her. You know those annoying people on Facebook that everyone always complains about? The ones that constantly post pictures of their babies and you think..."If I have to see one more picture of that baby, I'm going to puke!"

Well, that's me now. Sorry folks. Well...Sorry, not sorry :) Just pull up your barf bucket and get ready for the ride. 

Now we're off to take a nap.


  1. since i don't facebook anymore-why do you think i got instagram :) for the pics!


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