Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Things To Do Together this Holiday Season

Photo: Flickr (modified)
Bonus- most of these are free!
1. Bundle up and walk in the snow, take your dogs with. 

2. Go out for a drive on the back roads during a snowstorm, crank the holiday tunes. 

3. Find an awesome sledding hill. 

4. Decorate cookies (or invite some friends and have a cookie decorating party).

5. Ice skating!

6. Chop down a tree at your favorite tree farm. 

7. Take a walk or drive through a neighborhood lit up with Christmas lights. 

8. Volunteer a day or night to a cause of your choosing... maybe a soup kitchen or animal shelter.

9. Snowball fight! 

10. Build a nest on the floor, then watch movies & play games all night. 

11. Skeetching. You know, with the sled or tube behind a car. We did this all the time as kids and always had so much fun. (No, it's not entirely legal, be careful!

12. Build a giant snow fort. 

13. Take a horse drawn sleigh ride through the country side.

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