Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Diaper Party For The Guys

So, one of the coolest things ever for a dad-to-be, Kelly's brother and sister-in-law threw him a diaper party. It's like a baby shower, but for guys. 

This is a zero-picture post because this happened to be a guy's only party and they had much better things to do then take know, like drink beer and stuff.

Instead of a shower with a registry, the guests simply have to bring a package of diapers. Easy as that! By bringing diapers, guests recieved a raffle ticket to be put in the drawing for a few different gift cards. I believe they had a few for Cabelas and some gas stations. His cousin drew one of the gas station cards and ended up giving it to Kelly, which was really sweet. 

They made a bunch of easy food that could sit out for a while, sloppy joe's in the crock pot, chips with queso and salsa, oreo cake balls and some other munchies. The party was in the shop at the farm where they could have the heat on. They listened to a few football games, played darts, bean bags, and beer pong. And drank beer. Don't forget the beer. 

Kaileigh even make a cake out of beer bottles and the top beer had a baby bottle nipple. Now obviously a beer cake isn't going to last long in that situation, so I've googled a picture of what I imagined it looked like :) 

It was a great way for Kelly to get together with the guys to celebrate becoming a dad, without all of the fluff and stuff of a baby shower. And as he didn't get home until about 3:30 am, I'm assuming they had fun!

It was like a mini Christmas morning when I finally got him out of bed the next day. We ended up with an unbelievable amount of diapers. 17 packages of diapers and quite a few packages of wipes as well. And ye of little faith here had a thought that, being guys, they would all bring size 1 diapers, I was wrong! We ended up with all sizes, newborn through 4! And just because I could...I counted them. 969 diapers. 969! 

We're so grateful to Chris & Kaileigh for throwing this party. We're incredibly fortunate to have such amazing friends and family to celebrate the great things in life. 

Everyone was so generous, we now have a giant pile of diapers to help get us through the first year of her life! 

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