Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Husband, Who Makes The Yummiest Mashed Potatoes And Is Going To Be An Amazing Father.

This week's gift guide is for the hunky man in your life...

Olifant Castelo

Tasty looking grill rubs so he can impress the guys with a deliciously seasoned, juicy steak.

Freestyle Mom

An awesome wooden six pack filled with microbrew samples.

This not-your-average-pocket-knife because... well, look at it.

food dehydrator. This was one of Kelly's gifts last year and we ate home made venison jerky for months, it was delicious!

This T-Shirt because it's totally true (even if he only does it to make you laugh!)
He might want a drone, but how about this (much more affordable) option in his favorite color?

book for the coffee table, featuring over 200 photographs of the lives of farmers and their work.

docking station to house all of his on-the-go items he empties out of his pockets daily.

Yourself, in a pretty lace-trimmed chemise with a big red bow wrapped around your waist. Because that's all he really wants anyway.

Last year's gift guide for guys.

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