Monday, December 14, 2015

Seriouly Scored On Some Diapers

The Honest Company

Saturday night, or Sunday morning at about 1 o'clock, I found an email in my junk from The Honest Company. They were having a huge sale, up to 40% off when you spend $100. Even better? You can purchase a bundle in which all of the products are already 35% off, combining the promotion and the bundle price is a double whammy. 

I crunched the numbers using a size 3 and figured out this breakdown per package:

Normal price: $13.95, coming out to about $0.41 per diaper.

Bundle price: $9.07, coming out to about $0.27 per diaper.

Bundle w/ 40% promo: $5.42, coming out to about $0.16 per diaper. 

$0.16 per diaper!

On top of that, diapers are bundled with wipes and those ended up being $.02 per wipe, as opposed to $.07 per wipe.

$0.02 per wipe!

Can you tell I'm almost a mom now? I never thought I'd be so excited about prices of diapers and wipes.

Then I went on Amazon to compare prices of the jumbo economy packs using their lowest price of subscribe & save. They sell Pampers for $0.27 per diaper, Luvs for$0.23 per diaper and Huggies for $0.22 per diaper. Yep, I was pretty much shaking my tail feathers :)

I was so stoked I had to brag to Kelly about all of the money I saved, I think after the first couple of "great job honey!"'s, he was a tiny bit sick of me talking about it. I decided to text my sister-in-law who might find this information a little more exciting than the hubs. 

I was so so excited to find this deal because I absolutely love that The Honest Company is all about being good to your baby's skin.

The inner and out layers are plant based. The diapers themselves don't contain latex, lotions, fragrances, gluten, a lot of the most common allergens, phthalates, optical brighteners, heavy metals, or organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT) and are made without chlorine processing. 

In other words, they are about as 'pure' as you can get with disposable diapers. It makes me feel very confident that we will be treating our little girl's sensitive skin as gently as possible.

Plus, the prints on the diapers are just about the cutest things I've ever seen. 
The Honest Company
She got some cute pastel tribal prints, strawberries and cute little skull prints because she's totally going to be a rockstar. 

The Honest Company
This is the first time I've purchased diapers, thanks to the diaper party that Chris & Kaileigh threw us. I've read a bunch of posts online on how to stockpile diapers at the lowest possible price, this way you're not making midnight diaper runs and having to pay full price. 

The hard part is...I've never been a mom. I don't know how many diapers babies use. Plus, babies aren't robots, they all use different amounts. Thankfully, there are lots of helpful mommies out there who have tallied up their diaper usage for the first year of their baby's life.  

These are a few of the great references I've found to estimate diaper usage in the first year, along with the rock bottom price you should ideally be paying for diapers.

How To Save Money & Build A Diaper Stockpile (

How To Save Money & Build A Diaper Stockpile (

Stocking Up On Diapers: How Much To Buy And At What Price (

The Infamous Diaper Count ( 

10 Secrets to the Best Prices on Diapers (

All of these mothers say that they typically try to pay no more than $0.13 - $0.14 per diaper and no more than $.02 per wipe. My goal is to stock up as much as I can ahead of time to avoid paying any more than these prices for diapers and wipes. 

I'm going to stick a pen & paper on our stockpile and every time we open a new pack, mark it down. Hopefully in a year from now, I can look back and count how many of each size diaper we used along with how much we've spent for the year on diapers. I'm writing it down here to hold myself accountable so I don't flake :) 

Two days, two posts about diapers. Think this blog has gone straight to babyville. 

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