Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eight Weeks



How. Did. That. Happen.

And now I know why all of those annoying parents always give their child's age in weeks. You are probably saying, well eight weeks is two months, right? 

Wrong!  She isn't two months for another 6 days. And I know that when you ask how old she is, you want her exact age (insert eye roll).  

Also, I remember being in the hospital right after she was born and thinking that February sounded light years away. I was wrong.

So here is what she's been up to lately...

Smiles...lots and lots of smiles, especially in the morning. It makes her momma (who is not a morning person) truly love and look forward to the mornings. 

She's starting to jabber lots and lots and Kelly is always saying how its so neat that she's actually starting to sound like a little girl. 

Sucking her fingers. This is somewhat new, we have ultrasound pictures where she would suck her fingers, and lately she's had the side of her hand in her mouth a lot. But this week she seriously started sucking on those finger, the noise can wake you from a dead sleep and it's oh so sweet. 

She's holding her head up on her own. When we sit her on our laps, she can now easily keep her head up and will turn her head towards familiar voices on either side of her.

This is a big one, she will sleep pretty much through the night. We put her down around 9 and she won't wake up again until about 5-5:30. Though, I only let that happen one night. Usually she will fuss a little and suck her fingers in her sleep around 2 in the morning, then I just quietly pick her up and dream feed her until she's all done. 

So that's what we've been up to this month! And in case you don't follow on Instagram, here are a few more pictures- mostly taken with an iPhone so please forgive the quality. 

The first picture is the day we brought her matter how small I thought the car seat looked, it was nothing compared to how tiny she looked in it!

So I guess I'll stop before I get to 3,978 pictures :) 

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday! 

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  1. Love love love, this little beauty is such a huge blessing !!!


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