Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Monday!

That's not usually a thing, I know, but it's been so beautiful out the past few days that it is happy Monday. So love it. 

As you could see from my Instagram, we went on lots of walks this weekend. Even though it was super windy, it was so nice to get outside and walk with no sign of any snow. She was all tucked in this little number that we scored for $9 (!) 

It made me so ready for this spring to be here. For walks, tractor rides and working in the yard. Planting our garden, the chickens and dogs running around, flowers blooming. Bonfires, burgers on the grill, picnics. Man I could really get going with my list!

I'm excited for my sister to come over this afternoon, we're heading up to the barn with Adalynn. That means daddy gets a night off from babysitting...I don't think he's been home alone since she was born, I can only imagine what projects he'll get in to. 

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! 

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