Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Corn Swag

Sunday, I searched all over the web for instructions on how to make a corn swag. I couldn't find anything, so I winged it and here's how it went...

First and foremost, you need some ears of corn- luckily I know a farmer :) 

Then I found some leftover floral wire from the wedding and grabbed a pair of honey's wire clippers.

First, we want to remove all those little hairs on the end. Technically, they are called the 'silk',  but they look a little more....hairlike, if you will.

Next, flip all of the husks backwards. Since they're pretty dry, they might crack or split up the middle, but that's okay. 

I made a corn swag with just three ears of corn- I saw a couple where they had giant swag of about 10 ears, but I was not about to get that crazy on my initial try.

Wrap the wire tightly around the base of the husks, then do a couple of twists to tie off the loose end of the wire. I used the same piece of wire for the entire project, so don't cut it after each ear.  With the same length of wire, wrap the second, then the third ear of corn using the same method, simply circling tightly around the base of the husks. 

After you've circled each of the ears individually, wrap the wire nice and tightly twice around all of them together so they form a bunch. 

Now you may cut the wire and tie it off. 

Don't forget to make a loop so you have a way to hang it up.

I'm not sure what it's called, but I found this little bundle of twiney straw looking stuff (I get it from the dime store across from my office) and decided to spiff it up a little and hide that ugly green wire. 

Here's the final product. What do you think?

They might look a little better with the pretty speckled Indian corn, but this is all we had to work with and I'm pretty happy with it! 

Have you been up to any fall crafting?


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