Sunday, October 12, 2014

Honey, I'm home

Wedding Photo by Meg Day Photography

Hello my dears! How have you been? We are back from our honeymoon. Six days of pure loveliness that I can't wait to share with you all!

There was so much relief I felt after the wedding was over and our relaxing honeymoon was just the thing to make me feel myself again. I swore we weren't that couple to fight and argue when getting ready for a wedding. I'm a very easy-going, come-what-will type of gal. When it came to weddings, I was always that person to think, well, you love each other so what do the other details really matter? Honestly, the other details really don't matter on the day-of, but even though we tried to keep everything regarding the wedding in perspective, the month before the wedding was very rough on our relationship. 

Luckily, we discovered the purpose of honeymoons and why they were invented. I woke up Sunday morning after our wedding and felt like a brand new person. Maybe it was just the new last name? ;) Truly though, it felt like a giant weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I could act like a normal, sane person again. Add loving wife to that list. During the days that followed, we bounced right back to the happy couple that we were before. 

Here are some photos from our honeymoon...Part One

Day One we woke up in a beautiful cottage in South Haven. The night we spent there after the wedding was a gift for my bridal shower from a very good friend. Before we went to breakfast in town, we drove down to the beach. I've never seen the waves so big, the picture doesn't do it justice. The whole channel to get out to the big lake was so wavy that I don't think a boat could've even made it out. 

The drive flew by because we spent it reminiscing our wedding the night before.

By the time we made it to Des Moines, it was time to stop for a late lunch at The Machine Shed restaurant.

And of course, if there's a giant ear of corn carved from wood, you know I'm going to make Honey stand by it for a photo.

Doesn't he look thrilled? 

Then we were on our way to Omaha. 

During our ride, I saw that this classy picture got posted on Instagram by one of my best friends. Touche Abby, Touche. 

Omaha was such a pretty town. The Old Market Area is all cobblestone streets and historical brick buildings. Most all of the shops have giant wooden pergolas covered in ivy and flowers. 

We also happened upon the entrance to The Ministry of Magic.

Then we found a really neat antique store with walls full of candy, an ice cream shop, cases full of pez dispensers and a theatre playing old movies. It also had the entrance to one of my other favorite places...


The North Pole! Yes, kid at heart here. We went back to our room and ordered a cheese plate before bed and it was like they made the crackers especially for us- look close!

I'm pretty sure they say 'Carns'. I didn't google it because I'm just going to live in my happy place and pretend they made these especially for us.

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