Thursday, October 23, 2014

Free Shipping


84% of the year I'm not big on watching the news, but this all changes when the Holiday season rolls around. There is usually an abundance of positive stories, shopping adventures and all around joyous moods that are quite infectious.

Take today for example. I heard that Target is offering free shipping on everything. Everything. With no minimum order. As in I could order a $3.00 tube of toothpaste and have it delivered at home for free. That's pretty exciting for a girl who does all of her shopping online.

Also, Amazon is offering free 30-day trials of their Amazon Prime for which you recieve free two-day shipping on everything, along with some other perks. I love free shipping for the Holidays!

Do you prefer shopping online or in stores?


  1. Online! Have you heard of - they have all the coupon codes for online shopping!

    1. No I have not, but you better believe I'm checking it out now!

    2. I hope you are all home when the delivery comes. The news had reported that people are stealing deliveries of of people's porches. Not cool. I still shop mostly in stores, still.

    3. I always get them sent to work and she gets them dropped at her office, no worries of stealing that way. Also, our UPS and FedEx workers are really good about not dropping packages if they've noticed a vehicle trailing them or anything suspicious. Pretty awesome :)


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