Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Your friend who just cannot bring themself to walk past that puppy.

Ready for the first installment of my Holiday Gift Guide? This week's gift guide brings us my personal favorite... Animal Lovers! Click on to see what I came up with...


A German Shepard bookmark. They have lots of other animals like a pig, an elephant, and a bunny rabbit.

Here's a unique, lightweight khaki horse scarf that would look nice in any season.
The Animal Print Shop
The Animal Print Shop is filled with photos of baby animals that everyone (animal lover or not) should check out, but be warned- it's cuteness overload. How adorable would this lamb look in a nursery? They also have baby raccoons, white tigers with giant paws, a zebu, and kangaroos, to name a few.
BBC America, Planet Earth
Then there's BBC America's Planet Earth. This amazing series took 5 years of filming in 62 countries. The narration throughout the episodes is almost as beautiful as the footage of nature and wildlife that they've captured.
Let's not forget about creatures of the sea.


This hippo planter that comes in their favorite color.
...PS. They also have unicorns!
Hay Needle
Wouldn't this Copper Bird Bath be lovely mounted just next to a window? You could watch the birds play all summer long!

Most times, experiences are just as great of gifts as something material. Is there a zoo or aquarium nearby? Maybe a season pass would be nice. Have they always wanted to ride a horse? Check to see if there's a barn nearby that you could pre-pay for a lesson. Do they live near Tennessee? How about booking a visit to the Elephant Sanctuary. What about out West? Take them for a visit to the wild Mustang sanctuary. Use your imagination!

Quick Meme

I know we've all seen this commercial, so here's a creative idea: utilize Pet Finder to locate an animal shelter. There are tons of shelters brimming with dogs and cats, but you can also find shelters that house barnyard animals such as horses and pigs, birds or even reptiles. Animal shelters are always in need of items, be it food, collars or halters, leashes or lead ropes, bedding and toys. Donate items in the name of the person that you are gifting. I know that if someone donated in my name, I would think that's pretty darn stellar.

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