Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gift Guide: Your sister who loves a fresh new outfit and makes you laugh when you want to cry.

This week's Holiday Gift guide is aimed at that shopaholic, socialite sister who has your back no matter what. Check it...

Just a Pretty Typeface

This chevron, personalized stationary should tickle her fancy. As a bonus, it's created from recycled paper and is made in Michigan.

Talking Gloves

One-of-a kind gloves, to keep her hands warm and her fingertips open for texting! Also a gentle reminder that you love her, in case she forgets ;)

The Holistic Science Co.

A purifying clay mask - because you know she'll dig it.
J Clay Pottery

One of these bright, cheery personalized dog bowl for her favorite little man.

Hudson Lace

This decorative jewelry organizer would give her easy access to all of her goodies.

Canvas Gallery Art

A canvas of one of her favorite leading ladies.

Her bubbly champs would stay nice and cold tucked in this mid-century ice bucket.


A stylish wool trench so that she can keep it classy at her new corporate job.

Candycane Martini

Remember all of those sales that happen after the holidays? Take her to the mall. Make it an early morning, get your makeup done at one of the department stores, do a little shopping and then treat her to lunch and drinks. Maybe even book a day at the spa, do a hot yoga session or see if there's a wine and canvas nearby. Sky's the limit.

Ele's Place
Donate to her favorite charity, in her name. Ele's Place is one of my sister's favorite charities- it's especially fitting right now as today is Children's Grief Awareness Day. And who knows? You might just fall in love with the cause and have to start volunteering.
**PS.... last week's Gift Guide for animal lovers.

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