Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cheap, Easy DIY Compost Bin

We talked about how to compost, so I wanted to show you how I made our compost bin. It cost $20.00, and took about 5 minutes of labor.

Please forgive the horrendous photos taken with my phone. There's been an artic wind that blows straight through everything and it's warmer at the North Pole. Seriously. Honey snapped some quick photos, so hopefully they're good enough to give you an idea.

All you need is a simple, outdoor plastic garbage bin with a lid and two bungee cords. Remember, one of the key elements in producing compost is the mass of your pile, so make sure you get a large enough bin; we went with the 30 gallon.

Oh and if you have dogs, your compost bin might just turn into a giant fun play toy.

Did I mention that it was like 3 degrees outside? If was finally sunny and we just couldn't stay inside any longer.
The only tool you will need is a drill fitted with one of the larger drill bits, I used a 3/8.

Take your drill and start making holes. My normally warm wool gloves didn't help much, the project took all of five minutes and my fingers were like icicles when it was finished.

Yep, just get right in there with that bad boy. I don't have an exact amount of holes, just drill so there's a fair amount of air able to circulate throughout the barrel.

Once your barrel is full of holes, you're done! Isn't it fabulous? 

We're going to fill the bin to the top line, then comes the super easy part. Remember that the compost needs to be turned every couple days? Use those two bungee cords to make sure that the lid is nice and tight, then simply flop the bin into it's side and roll it around the yard. Easy-shmeasy lemon peasy.
Do you compost? Any tips or tricks?

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