Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wedding Week: Spa, Set up & Rehearsal

We were fortunate enough to have access to our venue the day before the wedding in order to decorate and set everything up. We're also fortunate to have an amazing family and my best friend who flew in from North Dakota (don't'cha know!) to help us!

My sister stayed with me Thursday night and we woke up to a cold, rainy Friday morning. She had booked us a mani-pedi and since my best friend flew in the night before, my mom picked all of us up and we we went to our appointment. I was a salon virgin and for those of you who have never been, it was amazing. I have the most horribly ticklish feet and had trouble sitting through this gal massaging and cleaning my feet, but man did it feel good.

Afterwards, we grabbed a late breakfast before heading back to the house. We were met at the door by these three cuties...

They had the truck all loaded and ready to head over to the barn to set up. My sister and Amanda ran to the tanner while I rounded up a few more odds and ends, then we headed over to the wedding venue. 

Forewarning- these pictures were taken with my phone so they are all mostly blurry and quite poor quality, please forgive me!



A stocked bar is always a good thing.

Supervisor making sure her sister doesn't leave any wrinkles in those tablecloths.


This pretty area was set up in the lounge for the gifts.
See that little chest in front of the pumpkins? That was our version of a guest book. It was filled with little cards for guests to write their names and give us some great advice for the rest of our life. Unfortunatlely, I think about 10 people signed those cards, which made me quite sad, but it was a little mass chaos with the rain and everything being switched around so I suppose I will forgive them. 


Missus Wedding Favor Donut Bag Stuffers.

And you, Master Nametag Entree Choice Placecard Groupers.



As you can see, none of this would have been possible without our friends and family who we love so very much.

After everything was set up for the wedding, we had a mini rehearsal.
Look at how attentive all of my little minions are. :)

I had to put my faith into everyone and just not worry about the rain. My mom saved the day by working her hiney off to procure a small tent for the next day. Remember, we were suppose to be married outside under the pretty little chapel.... well, that clearly wasn't going to happen.
After we were finished setting up for the wedding the next day, it was time for rehearsal dinner. We had the dinner at his grandfather's farm and my mouth fell open when we walked up to this.....

It was so pretty! I loved everything about it.

Don't mind my hair looking like a sumo-wrestler. I sat through a mani and pedi this day, there was no more wasting time to make the rest of me look presentable.

We took up two rooms in the house :) The tablecloth says 'Eat, Drink and be Married' and we ate off of his family's old china plates. Kelly's stepmom and aunt made a ton of homemade lasagna and yummy sangria. I was getting pretty nervous and didn't think I'd be able to eat, but that lasagna was so stinking good I had two helpings and two breaksticks. So much for wedding diet nonsense!
It was an absolutely perfectly fabulous day. Stay tuned...tomorrow's the ceremony :)


  1. Just so you know... I didn't know anything about the Little Chest for our advice as your guest book. What a cute idea. Oh well, I can give you all the advice you need... just ask ;)

    1. I was so bummed when I realized that only like 20 people saw it. We should have put it on the bar....then I'm sure the cards would be full!

    2. The bar would have been fabulous... can you imagine how the advice would have changed from start of the evening throughout the night... haha

    3. It probably would be a lot more truthful and a LOT more informative! LOL.


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