Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wedding Week: All About That Cake

No wedding is complete without the sweet stuff.

Our cake came from Holland Cakery and was by far the yummiest cake that Kelly and I have ever had. It traveled with us all the way from Michigan to Colorado and back, and we decided that each year on our anniversary we are going to order a small cake to celebrate. I mean, I can't even explain how scrumptious these cakes were. The small round cake below was our little 'bride & groom' cake to cut. 

And how gorgeous is this dessert area? It's cut into the wall and is surrounded by a curved glass window that looks out to the beautiful grounds surrounding the venue. The whole bottom was hand-tiled with pennies by one of the owners.

It's completely enclosed in glass, glass that happened to be so clean that when one of our guests got up to look at the cake, they put their face smack into the glass! Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the noseprint. .

Click on to see more about our sweet stuff...

To go with our small cake, we ordered a couple small sheet cakes in different flavors for our guests. We had almond and a pink champagne flavor that I was a little bummed that I forgot to try. 

Notice our good friend Charles in the background trying to make the moves on my mother? Classic.

We also had a random assortment of pies that were baked fresh that morning from Crane's Pie Pantry, which sits on a 'U-Pick' apple orchard nearby that we like to visit in the fall. It was also fitting because our wedding venue was located on an old apple orchard :)

To the dismay of my girlfriends, we promised to be nice and not smash the cake into eachother's faces. Our friends are the best,  I swear. I love you guys.

That face? Because we successfully 'cut' our cake with a pie server. Where our cake knife was, I have no idea. We are living proof that not everything at a wedding will go accordingly!

For our favors, we ordered some scrumptious apple cider donuts that were also baked fresh at Cranes. Props to the ladies that put these favor bags together. I found out afterward that they didn't eat one single donut. That's some serious self control. 

To throw salt in an open wound, I don't believe they even had a favor to take home. One of  my favorite (and notoriously mischievous) children came up to me at one point to show me a magic trick. When he was done showing me the trick and explaining to me how to do it, I asked- "Did you eat a donut?" To which he responded (with head bowed) "Nooooo...." I teased them and said that I could smell apple donuts on him from a mile away. I had my answer when his face turned bright red and he ran away laughing.

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you what we put on our favor bags, along with our invitations and other cutesy paper things. Thanks for reading :)


  1. I see in the first pic-i think that is mom and I at our happy place......the bar :)

    1. Haha I didn't even notice that - looks like your mom is BEHIND the bar!


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