Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Weekend

Carrie got caught hunting wabbits.

Hello Lovelies :)

What are you up to this weekend?

The old, single screen theatre in town is showing American Sniper this weekend. The previews make me cry. Usually I don't like to see emotional movies public (I prefer to cry in the comfort of my own couch) but Honey really wants to see it, so I'll stuff some tissues in my pockets and take one for the team.

Tomorrow we're going to the barn for a 'work day'. The therapeutic program currently runs out of a full-time equestrian facility that is shared with lots of other lovely riders who board their horses there full time. The facility has kindly given our program full access to the arena all day Mondays and Tuesdays, but since the program is expanding so fast, it really neededs more space and arena time. Amazingly, the owners have built the shell of a second barn on the property that Renew will be able to lease all for itself! This means lessons any time, on our own schedule! Very exciting.

Tomorrow is the first day we'll be able to get over there and help work on the inside. My husband very sweetly offered to accompany me and donate his time, tools and building skills to help build the wall that will surround the indoor arena. Cross your fingers that lots of people show up and we'll be able to get it accomplished in one day!

To kick off the weekend, here are some links from around the web;
Here's what 450,000 pound of honey looks like.
The Game of Thrones TV series will overtake the novels.

Me, last weekend.

A simple, low cost kichen. I especially like the inconspicuous knife storage.

My sisters-in-law introduced me to the world's cutest frog.

Have a great one! 

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