Wednesday, March 9, 2016

About Last Night...

We caught 143 night crawlers!

And by 'we', I do mean Kelly because, ewww. 

We had put Adalynn to bed, then went outside together to get eggs from the chicken coop. I was holding the light and was about to ask what the heck was wrong with the grass when Kelly said "Oh my gosh! Look at all of the night crawlers!"

I have never ever seen such a thing. The whole ground was absolutely covered in worms! With each step we took, the ones closest to us would suck back into their hole. Shining the light out across the yard was the craziest thing, they were literally everywhere. You couldn't take a step without stepping on two or three. 

So Kelly found an old coffee tin and we went worm catching. I was the designated light-holder :) Worm after worm after worm he plucked up until finally he decided he was done. I had counted 143. 

I wish I had a picture for you, it was insane. My mother-in-law always asked if I had ever hunted for night crawlers...well, now I have.


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