Friday, March 11, 2016

'Bumpdate' # 1

Sometimes I will start a post and, for whatever reason, will forget about it and just not get it finished so it sits there until I delete it.

I started this post April 14th of last year, shortly after we found out I was pregnant. I really enjoyed reading it. I think the reason that I didn't post it is because we weren't planning on telling people until she was 12 weeks cooked and by that time I was pretty much sick all of the time and blogging was not on my radar. 

So here it is, the one and only 'Bumpdate' I ever got around to, if you're interested :)
Sooooo cliche, I know. But what else am I suppose to call it?!

When I first found out I was pregnant, the first internet-related search I did was to scour all of my favorite blogs for their 'bumpdates' and loved reading about how other ladies pregnancies went for them. It was neat to see how other people progressed and see a little snapshot of their pregnancies during different weeks.  

If you're uninterested in the creature growing in my belly, please stop back tomorrow for a baby-free post :)

Month: 2

The Little Creature's Size:

Gender Prediction: Kelly thinks twins. I'm hoping I'm right.

Symptoms: Four weeks passed with no symptoms, then, during week five, I was exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. I remember one evening sitting down on the couch and waiting for Kelly to get out of the shower. I leaned over on a stack of blankets with my head in my hand watching TV, next thing I know Kelly is standing in front of my face waking me up and I am wiping off the drool that has run over my chin, down my arm and onto the couch. Sexy, huh?

We got to six weeks no morning sickness, which was completely surprising to me because I have the weakest stomach known to man. Headaches made me sick, I get horrible motion sickness, get carsick when riding in the back, seasick on the big lake, mixing alcohol of any kind makes me sick- a very sensitive stomach. Well, I shouldn't have even given it a thought because at exactly six and a half weeks- BOOM! Morning sickness, at your service. Oh, and whoever named morning for false advertising! It's on and off all day.  

Aversions: Apparently this doesn't apply to just food, as I assumed it would. I woke up one day and no longer wanted coffee (but it doesn't gross me out and I could totally go for a latte!) No foods have 'ick-ed' me out yet, but I will share with you what has. Our baby chicks! When we first got them, I would spend two hours a night just sitting with them, watching them, picking them up, playing with them and taking pictures. Then, all of a sudden at six and a half weeks pregnant, even thinking about them made me gag. That first night I realized they made me nauseous, I went out there one last time to check on them and walked out of the pole barn immediately, gagging and dry heaving all the way to the bathroom inside.

Cravings: I haven't craved anything as of yet. Although, the week before I found out that I was pregnant, all I wanted was orange juice- I drank about two gallons - which is very abnormal because all I ever drink is water, coffee or tea. I have been eating lots of cheese and crackers, bland/brothy soup. Frozen waffles have been my morning sickness savior. I just pop one in the toaster and munch on it plain on my car ride to work.

Mood: Moody! Happy, happy tears, sad, sad tears all mixed with random, nonsensical bursts of mad & angry. One day it was raining and gloomy, Kelly was at work and I started crying because I missed him. Redic.

Self-Reflection: Talk to my husband. Being tired was one thing I knew I could handle, but when I started to get sick I felt so guilty. I thought that if I told him, he would think 'Oh great, this is what I have to put up with for the next 8 months. A whiny, lazy, complaining wife' and all other sorts of horrible things. He tried talking to me about the baby chicks and I kept asking him not to talk to me about them, then he'd look hurt and finally asked me if I didn't like them anymore. Later that night, we talked while I was laying on the couch- and by talked I mean he talked and I did a mixture of laugh/cry/talk all at the same time. He made me feel so much better and I realized that my worries were for nothing and I should have confided in him sooner. Next thing I knew, he was on the computer researching morning sickness and all sorts of other stuff :)

Other Notes: It's fun living in a little bubble with my husband of not telling anyone yet, but it's hard at times; especially hard not sharing with my sister or mom.

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