Thursday, March 17, 2016

Adalynn {at 3 Months}

Happy three months in this big, wide world little one!

Since time is absolutely whizzing by, monthly updates have got to start. Maybe life will slow down a little? Here's what she's been up to...

Sleeping: She's a great sleeper. She goes to sleep around 7:30 and stays down until about 1am when she wakes to eat, then is back in bed until 5 to eat, then 8ish. It's beyond wonderful. 

Motor Skills: Sucks her fingers like crazy, they are constantly in her mouth. She has started batting at toys hanging above her head. Also holds her head up like a champ!

Favorite Things: She loves looking at books. Every morning after tummy time, she sits on my lap on the couch and we read books. Pictures, especially black and white pictures of cows or zebras, really hold her interest. Her little monkey that you pull and it plays music makes her smile every time. 

Dislikes: She does not like tummy time. No matter how interesting we try to make it with toys, pictures, mirrors or music, she is not into it. Best we can get out of her is about 7 minutes on a good day. Also napping. She's not a good napper. On your chest or in her bouncer is the only place she'll even somewhat nap. 

A Few Random Things: She scoots all the way to the bottom of her cradle at night. Any time we go to pick her up, her legs are all bent up and squished at the end! She's also starting to notice strangers and likes to give them pouty faces & chin quivers, it's actually quite adorable. 

Daddy's favorite thing this month:

She talks back when he talks to her, they have big long conversations with her doing lots of babbling. Also the airplane, he holds her way above his head and her body goes strait as a board as she smiles from ear to ear. 

Momma's favorite thing this month:

Her smile lights up when she sees either of our faces, it's the best feeling. I also love seeing her skinny little neck peek out behind her chubby cheeks every once in a while, she looks like a little bird.  

This Month We...

  • Visited the barn with Aunt Kiki while momma taught classes.
  • Went outside for long walks in the sunshine.
  • Stayed home for the first time without mom or dad, she snuggled with great grandma all afternoon & evening. 
  • Watched her aunt's baptism.
  • Napped at great grandpa Roger's.
  • Had several diaper blowouts (2 in 1 day! that normal?!)
  • Received her two month shots, which she took like a champ.
  • Was a patient angel when we took her out to dinner, even though it was past her bedtime.  

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